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Hands in Prayer Pose

A boutique movement studio in Lambertville, NJ

The Studio

Not your father's fitness center.

Our studio is located in NJ’s Best Small Town, Lambertville, NJ, and neighbors local favorites like Owowcow Creamery, Luminary Coffee, and Basil Bandwagon. Our 1,100 square foot studio features free parking (#spoiled), individual showers, body-friendly cork flooring, and a 15 foot wide garage door to let fresh air in on beautiful days.

Rumor has it that we also have the best music around, curated by none other than our studio members themselves. From Beyonce to Beatles or Bon Jovi to Bee Gees, vibe out with us even on your rest days by following our Spotify account here.

Yoga Instructor


Byond Neighborly

We show kindness, respect, and care to our community. We introduce ourselves to new members, and greet the ones we know. We support one another during the challenges, and praise one another during the triumphs. We show grace to each other, and when we are in the wrong, we apologize. 

Byond Confident

We show up to class our most confident selves. Our goals are set from within, and not from external influence. We are kind to our bodies, aiming to be no one but our best selves. We try new things, even if it may feel silly. We do not identify in what we do, but in who we are.

Byond Uplifting

We want to have fun and be fun with others. We show up to class with a kind heart, energetic spirit, and positive attitude. We like to engage, laugh, and affirm. We value the gift of life, and never take movement for granted. We look for moments to encourage and hype each other whenever possible.

Meet the Instructors

Sienna started dancing as early as she could walk. Having taking class since the age of 2, dance has always had her heart. Growing up, Sienna spent most of her free time in ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, modern, contemporary, and hip hop classes. Her dance passion turned into a scholarship in college. And after college, it blossomed into a love and passion for barre. Sienna now hopes to share her love of movement with other women, encouraging them to be their most confident, strong, sassy selves.


Fallon has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle. As a child, Fallon dabbled in dance and gymnastics, before focusing on cheerleading from grade school through early college. In 2021 Fallon found barre and instantly fell in love.  Having now taught well over 700 classes in formats ranging from classic barre to high intensity barre cardio and many variations between – Fallon brings not only hands on experience, but a passion for teaching and encouraging others. You can expect a challenging (in the best way) workout, with a banging playlist and lots of SMILES!


Melissa completed her yoga training at Laughing Lotus in NYC in 2017 and has been teaching ever since. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Chair Yoga, Restorative, Meditation as well as Barre Express classes. Her classes are fun and uplifting and challenging at times, promoting both physical and mental well-being. She is very passionate about the Chakras and finds them fascinating in every way! Her goal is for students to leave her classes with an open heart and mind as well as a great big smile! 😊


Alexa is a certified personal trainer, health coach, bodyART teacher, and C.H.E.K. Practitioner. She loves working with all types of people and has the skills and knowledge to motivate and help anyone achieve their personal goals. Alexa loves to have fun choosing to live life to the fullest—through eating organic food, practicing movement, meditation, and sharing good chi with the universe!


Jackie has been dancing ballet for most of her life and teaching Ballet, Barre, Dance, Fitness and Yoga classes for the past six years. After receiving her degree in Exercise Science, Jackie completed her RYT-200 Yoga certification through Honor Yoga and began teaching right away. Her passion for dance and yoga shine through in every class she teaches. With careful attention to safety, proper body alignment and breath, Jackie gives a fun, challenging workout that leaves you feeling happy, energized and motivated to keep exercising!


Patti’s continual quest for health and balance landed her on a yoga mat in 2018. She has a lifelong interest in fitness and spent many years primarily swimming, running, and participating in races like sprint triathlons. When the repetition of these activities began to feel less joyful, she found that the boundless practice of yoga always has more to offer. She holds a 200hr YTT training certificate earned from Haven Healing Collective. Patti hopes to provide her students with a challenging blend of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. “It is my intention to bring the joy I have found in the practice of yoga, to others."


Sephyra has trained with several studios in Switzerland, her homeland, among which the Studio Flay Ballet in Meyrin with Annick Marechal, and after having moved to the US, the Legacy Dance Theatre in Virginia Beach. As a performer, she has also participated in the Legacy Dance Theatre school shows, as well as in the Roxey Ballet professional company. She has choreographed for the Teen Arts Festival, River Dance Festival, ERDC studio, Save Mother Earth art exhibit, and Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman. Sephyra is passionate about the power of dance to convey not only feelings but also thoughts. As a self-described “Changemaker,” she is also passionate about creating shows towards such fundraising activities.


"Woof ruff ruff, ruff ruff ruff woof. Woofty wuff ruff. Ruff ruff ruff woof." *licks*

Hudson | Encourager

Our Co-Founders, Sienna and Dionisio Roman III, were inspired to create Byond Barre in 2023 from a simple question, What's something you do that makes you feel like a kid again?...Sienna's answer: "Being upside down."

As a former collegiate dancer (Sienna) and collegiate athlete (Dionisio),  movement was always in their lives growing up. When the dance classes were over and the football chapter closed, fitting exercise into a busy day started to feel like a discouraging chore. It wasn't inspiring, it wasn't convenient, and it certainly wasn't fun. But with just one body and one life, the couple were inspired to create something that made movement fun again.

Through Byond Barre, the Romans hope to bring their community uplifting classes, talented instructors, and sustainable methods of movement in pursuit of reminding their members what movement once felt like when we were young.

The Beginning

We like to move it,
move it.



  • Fortunately, it's very easy to modify or cancel a reservation using our scheduling system. To respect our instructors' time, we ask our members to cancel at least 4 hours in advance. Any classes cancelled after that point are subject to a $5 late-cancel fee (this includes early morning classes). Any absences that are not cancelled in advance are subject to a $10 absence fee. If you have any technical issues cancelling a class, please email us the class you'd like to cancel at at least 4 hours before class begins to avoid fees.

  • Our designated parking lot located at the Basil Bandwagon entrance. You'll notice it says "for tenants only" – rest assured we are one of those Canal Studios tenants. :) You may also park on N Union Street or any other neighboring streets, but mind the No Parking signs on certain times/days.

  • Fortunately, it's very easy to modify or cancel a class using our online system. As long as it's at least 4 hours or earlier from the scheduled class, you are welcome to modify your booking. Any classes later than 4 hours before the initial scheduled class are nontransferable and nonrefundable. If you have any technical issues cancelling your class online, please email at least 4 hours before your scheduled class to change your booking.

  • Yep. Everyone must register before class, regardless of your plan.

  • We’ve been there. As long as you arrive within 5 minutes of class starting, you are more than welcome to enter (no apology necessary). Arriving any later than that means you’re jumping right into the workout without a warmup, and nobody’s got time to pull muscles.

  • Of course. You may bring whatever equipment you’d like to use during the class to support your workout. Just don’t forget it on your way out!

  • We have cubes located right in the studio to keep your personal items safe, close, and undistracting.

  • We do not. Our members find that attending in-person builds community, accountability, and consistency.


  • Our floor is yoga cork flooring – pretty to look at and easy on the joints.

  • Our class playlists are available for free on Spotify

  • We are always happy to review incredible instructors. Email us a demo reel and resume at for consideration.

  • We offer an unlimited rate billed monthly, an unlimited weekly rate billed weekly, and a single-class rate billed per class. There are no other rates available outside of those three.

  • It’s quite simple. Here’s a video tutorial (COMING SOON) on how to pause your membership.

  • If have intention on returning at any point in the near term, we encourage you to review pausing your membership before canceling to avoid fees. Otherwise, we know that every good thing comes to an end, and we are so grateful to have been apart of your lives for this time. Here’s a video tutorial (COMING SOON) on how to cancel your membership.

  • We love deals, and sometimes we have some available to our members! Get notified for sales here.

  • Once billed, we do not offer refunds.

  • You can find a link to our Terms & Conditions in the footer of any page, or here. To maintain a good relationship, we encourage all of our members to give it a 5-minute read.


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