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BYOND BARRE is a boutique movement studio. We do not require a membership in order to use our studio. A member is considered to be anyone who is purchasing a one-time or recurring class plan. We have no long-term contracts (see “Membership,”) but we do utilize recurring, automatic payments, which can be canceled at any time with 14 days notice. 


Please read the sections of our terms and conditions that apply to your situation as a class and training participant, and the membership section if you choose recurring, automatic payments.


BYOND BARRE reserves the right to ask any participant that is acting in a disruptive manner, whose behavior infringes on the rights of other participants, or who acts in an unsafe manner to him/herself and/or others, to leave the studio. 


Members are required to wear a form of dress appropriate to the class they are participating in. Smoking is not allowed.


IMPORTANT: Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using BYOND BARRE facilities. 


BYOND BARRE User Policy - Group Fitness Classes:


You must be 18 years of age or over to attend any of our Classes at the Studio. 


BYOND BARRE Class participants understand that:


Monthly Class Members have automatically renewing or recurring monthly memberships. Classes are charged on a monthly basis and the member has 30 days to use the classes. Classes cannot be extended or “rolled over” to the next month. Please see auto-payment rules and disclosures for monthly memberships. Complete details are located below in “Monthly Memberships” terms and conditions. 


Monthly Unlimited Class Members have automatically renewing or recurring monthly memberships. Classes are charged for on a monthly basis and the member has 30 days to attend an unlimited number of classes within that month. 


Drop-in class purchases must be used within 30 days of purchase. 


Sampler class purchases must be used within 7 days of the selected start date. 


Instructors and Classes are subject to change. BYOND BARRE posts classes and scheduled instructors on our class schedule. Occasionally, we may need to substitute an instructor or cancel a class without prior warning, but we’ll do our best to notify members with as much notice as possible.


Studio Behavior and Conduct: We reserve the right to refuse anyone Studio access and suspend or terminate studio use or memberships if we reasonably consider that one’s conduct is dangerous, or in any way that negatively affects the interests of other users of the Studio or participants in our classes.


Classes can be reserved in advance: Members should create an account on our website, and sign up for a class beforehand using our scheduler system.


Late Cancel or Absent from Scheduled Class: Classes must be canceled 4 hours or more prior to the scheduled class. Classes that are canceled less than 4 hours prior to the scheduled class time are considered a late cancelation. In this case, a class will be deducted from the canceling Member’s account. If a member is participating in an unlimited membership plan and cancels late, he/she may be charged a $5 late-cancel fee. When Member is absent from their scheduled class and does not cancel before the class start time, a class will be deducted from the absent Member’s account. If he/she is participating in an unlimited membership plan and is absent without cancelling in advance, he/she may be charged a $10 absence fee.

BYOND BARRE has limited class sizes and therefore needs to enforce the cancellation policy to assure that all members have access, when possible, to classes offered.


Late arrival: If a Member or Guest with a reserved class spot arrives more than eight (8) minutes late, his/her reservation may be given away to another client. BYOND BARRE reserves the right to charge a late fee or the cost of the entire class to any Member who is more than eight (8) minutes late to a class.


Drop-ins: Any BYOND BARRE Member may drop in to a class as long as they register and pay for the class before participating. However, if the class is full in advance, drop-ins will not be accommodated. 


BYOND BARRE Terms and Conditions:


BYOND BARRE members agree to the following:


For Monthly Members:


BYOND BARRE memberships (class, personal training, or any combination thereof)  are a non-contract recurring auto-payment that allows the user to access BYOND BARRE classes, training and/or services at a discounted rate. The auto-payment membership is to be used by the holder only and cannot be shared. Members may cancel auto-payments with a 14-day notice using the member's area on our website. If a membership is canceled, any pricing discounts will be lost and if the client elects to rejoin in the future they will need to join at current BYOND BARRE rates. 


For Unlimited Membership (classes only):


The Unlimited Membership is an automatic charge each month with no contract. Members can attend as many classes as they would like each month and have the ability to schedule open studio reservations.


BYOND BARRE may, at its discretion, cancel a Member’s membership with 30 days written notice without cause and on reasonable shorter notice with cause.


Suspending a Membership: Since BYOND BARRE memberships are non-contract memberships and can be canceled at any time, BYOND BARRE reserves the right to offer account suspensions as a benefit to Members and may revoke the benefit at any time. If BYOND BARRE has elected to allow membership suspensions, information on suspensions will be offered on the BYOND BARRE website (


Changing your membership: Members may change their membership at anytime with a 14-day notice before your next billing day using the membership services provided on the BYOND BARRE website (


Rate Increases: If members allow their monthly auto-pay contract to lapse or if they cancel their membership, fees will adjust to current BYOND BARRE rates. BYOND BARRE reserves the right to adjust auto-payment membership rates at any time for any reason with 30 days notice. 


BILLING - For Class or Personal Training monthly members


By starting a Membership, a Member authorizes BYOND BARRE to charge him/her a monthly fee at the current Studio rate.


Auto-Pay Package: When Members  sign up and purchase an “Auto-Pay” Package, the first month will be billed immediately. Auto-Pay Packages will auto-renew on a 30-day cycle. Payment will be taken on the effective date of your auto-renew (a “Renewal Date”), provided that, if we are unable for any reason to take payment on a Renewal Date, we will take payment as soon as practically possible thereafter. Declined charges past 7 days will default the account and void any future membership discounts.


No Refunds. UNLESS EXPRESSLY STATED TO THE CONTRARY HEREIN, OR AS PROVIDED BY NEW JERSEY LAW, PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR PARTIALLY USED PERIODS. However, following  a cancellation of an Auto-Pay package members will continue to have access to the studio through the end of their paid cycle.


Payment Method Information can be edited by logging into a BYOND BARRE account and updating accordingly. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and Payment Method information is not edited provided an Account has not been canceled in accordance with these Terms (see, “Cancellation”), the Member remains responsible for any uncollected amounts.

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